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Large Animal Veterinary Services

At Glover Veterinary Services, we employ many large animal veterinarians. We are proud to be able to help horse and barnyard animal owners throughout Checotah, OK, and the surrounding area with all of their animal care needs.

Healthy Horse

Keep Your Horse Healthy

Our dedicated horse veterinarians have the skills and tools necessary to ensure your horse stays healthy throughout its lifetime. They will guide and advise you on the best course of action to ensure your horse heals from any lameness or colic. They can also offer nutritional counseling and deworming to help keep your animal in prime condition.

If you’re in need of a large animal veterinarian who can conduct physical examinations and more specialized services, such as artificial insemination, look no further than Glover Veterinary Services. Contact us to schedule our next visit to your barn.

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Care for Your Barnyard Animals

In addition to horse veterinarians, we also have cow and goat veterinarians on staff who are experts in their field. A goat and cow’s physiology is different than other barnyard animals due to their four-compartment stomach, which can cause complication in treating a number of illnesses. From parasites and pink eye to soft mouth and mineral stones, our large animal veterinarians can treat it all.

Our large animal services include:

  • Physical Examinations

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Dental Care

  • Vaccinations

  • Deworming

  • Artificial Insemination

  • Lameness Evaluation

  • Flea & Tick Treatments

Farm Animals